Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elder "Potter"!

To Everyone:
Life is so good!  I have never been at more peace with who I am than I am now.  My testimony is growing at an exponential rate and I LOVE it!  I learned a lot this week!  Here is the update:
Culture moment:  The nihonjin (native japanese) missionaries came this week and it has been really fun watching them and practicing with them.  Lee sensei said all Japanese people do something they call "nice guy pose" (said with a Japanese accent).  They make faces and symbols with their hands when they take pictures or when they are happy.  It was really funny because the next day we were at the temple and all the nihonjin were making nice guy poses.  It was great.  I wish I was Asian.
Funny Moment:  Um. . .  This is embarrassing.  I cut my forehead with my name badge; as in there is a huge red line right down the middle of my forehead.  Everyone has been calling me Harry Potter, including the nihonjin!  The first two days looked like a red sharpie mark and yesterday and today it looked like a maroon sharpie.  I am so embarrassed!  I don't have anything to hide it with either!  I always tell people I'll curse them if they call me Harry potter.  We have been yelling spells at each other all week.  My district is such a group of nerds.  I love it.
That stupid cut goes into my hair! :(

Spiritual Moment:  Yesterday was one of the most spiritual days of my life.  I literally felt the Spirit all day yesterday.  It confirmed to me four times about four different things.  I promise it's in my journal, but know this.  I now know what it truly feels like to learn from the Spirit and communicate with God through Him.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day!!
Ah-ha Moment:  My ah-ha moment is also another spiritual moment.  I have read my patriarchal blessing a lot since entering the MTC.  I realized something this week.  I have been holding back.  I have been ashamed of my testimony because I feared it was stronger than those around me.  I realized i was forsaking my gifts by doing that.  I recommited my self to never hold back my testimony.  I have a testimony of this church and i am not ashamed of its strength!!
Basically, I AM SO FREAKIN' HAPPY!!!!  I feel the Spirit ALL the time!  I cherish it!  I love you all and I have to go!
Best of wishes for all,
Elder Preston Jenkins

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