Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MTC Week #3!

I LOVE the MTC!!  Conference was incredible and I love my sensaitachi (teachers)!  Really quick:
Spiritual Moment:  I read my patriarchal blessing last Wednesday and for the past week I have been really thinking about what I want for my future family.  During general conference I wrote in the margin of my notes five things I wanted to do for my children.  Two talks later Elder Lawrence gets up and recites the EXACT same list.  I started bawling!  It was such a testament to me that I was doing the right thing and preparing in the proper way for my future family.  It was my favorite talk.  The Lord is mindful of us.
Funny Moment:  The zone leaders are both Australian and they are awesome.  Elder Bardjinski is AWESOME!  The other night he came into our room talk in the voice of the gatekeeper-lion-head-thing from Aladdin, you know (touch nothing but the lamp.)?  It was hilarious but then he started speaking in Japanese in that voice and we (at least I) started crying because we were laughing so hard.  It was great.
Ah-ha Moment:  Same as last week.  You can say anything you want in Japanese.  It is actually a complete language!!  :D
Cultural Moment:  The nihonjin (japanese natives) came yesterday.  They came and talked with our district.  It was while one of them was talking that I realized that the gospel is true in any language.  The elder in front of me had a testimony just like me but he just said it different.
I have no time left so I have to go!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!
-Elder Preston Jenkins

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