Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pressing forward

Hello Family and Friends,

Well, I think I hit rock bottom this week.  I snapped and cried myself to sleep the other night.  Yes, it was horrible.  However, it turned into one of my most spiritual moments thus far.  The Lord is really mindful of us, and the Atonement can cover hurt, too.  This last week has been soooo spiritual.

Since the day the Harry Potter scare has taken residence on my face it has secretly gathered an evil force against me.  Yesterday they attacked and the Harry Potter scar happily lead the assault.  He conjured cold sores to cover my lower lip, a witch's-wart-sized zit to occupy my chin, a scratch to cover the right side of my nose, and two troll-sized zits to grace my right eyebrow.  I almost started crying again.  I look horrible right now!  My face is at war with itself!  I thought I liked my Harry Potter scar but it betrayed me!!  Boo!!

Cultural:  I briefly explained this last week but we learned about it yesterday in great detail.  Japanese is so cool!  There are four ways to honorify the person you are talking to, there are three ways to humblify yourself, and you can also choose to speak in polite form or plain form.  It is such a detail oriented language.  Based on what honorifics you use, you can express investigators the extreme importance of God, Jesus Christ, and Prophets, while humbling yourself.  Japanese is so cool!!
Funny:  Elder Soliai (one of the zone leaders) and I have a competition going right now.  I'm winning of course (or else I wouldn't have told you about it).  It's a bowing competition.  Because the Japanese people are so apologetic, they bow.  Well, we take it to the extreme and full on drop to the ground.  the computer just did something and everything is messed up and I can't figure out how to fix it!! AAAA!!!
now I'm mad!!!  It won't work!!  Well, I love you all and I am sorry you don't get a full message this week!  i hate these computers!!  I want a mac!
Elder Scott spoke last week and it was the highlight of the week!  It was awesome!!

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