Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Konnichiwa (two n's)!!!!  Friends and Family!

Funny Moment:  Last Sunday in Priesthood meeting Elder Brown(my district leader) and Elder Ahn talked about baptism out of the White handbook.  When they finished explaining they demonstrated a baptism.  Brown choro went to "dunk" Ahn choro and totally dropped him flat on his back onto the stage floor.  I laughed so hard, as did everyone else.  Good times.  :D

Cultural:  Japanese has something called causatives.  We have them in English but they're implied.  By changing the ending of the verb at the end of the sentence, you can say: "subject made something do something."  Or with the same ending but with a different marker you can say: "subject let something do something."  It is so fascinating.  Japanese people will use causatives to be polite and show who has the power.  Japanese is such a level oriented language.  IT IS SO COOL!!  I love Japanese!

Spiritual:  Well, Elder Ballard was last weeks devotional speaker, so naturally it was incredible.  His theme was:  Become master communicators.  He gave great insight as to how to do this and develop our skills.  it was awesome.  Then, Sunday's fireside speaker was Sheri Dew.  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  That woman has a powerful testimony and she touched my heart as well as everyone elses.  She was an answer to my fervent prayers this last weekend.

Ah-ha:  Nelson choro and I did sealings last week instead of an endowment session and it was perfect.  I love the mirrors in the temple.  I had an ah-ha moment during the sealing of a couple.  I was witnessing and I realized that I was witnessing as a holder of the Melchizedek Priesthood.  It was an ah-ha moment because it just hit me how real that sealing ordinance is.  It's for eternity that you are sealed to your spouse in the temple!  It was such a beautiful experience.  (And yes, I cried, but only at the beginning :P).

The language is coming!  We can teach lessons in Japanese!  We have been for a couple weeks now.  I love this language and it is awesome to feel the spirit in Japanese!  I've already had Japanese in one of my dreams!  but I was just reciting the first vision.  That doesn't count because I wasn't speaking Japanese.

I love you all!!  Have a wonderful week!!  Kiss Baby Daxton for me!!

Onward, ever onward,

Elder Preston Jenkins

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